Friday, October 23, 2009

Happy Birthday!

Nine years ago today, I became a mom for the third and final time.

Eight years ago today, I learned that Mandy's life journey might be difficult...scary...and courageous.

Seven years ago today, I learned there was a tumor, or more accurately, the potential of a tumor.

Six years ago today, I looked at a toddler, with a beautiful spirit and a gorgeous dimple that never failed to melt my heart.

Five years ago today, I had a little girl in preschool, full of spunk and a zest for life.

Four years ago today, we were in a hospital room, trying to figure out what was causing the unexplained neurological episodes.

Three years ago today, I wanted to believe the worst was behind her.

Two years ago today, I had no idea that every thing was about to change.

One year ago today, I watched my baby girl spend her birthday recovering from chemo the day before.

Today, I look at a little girl who is a warrior, an optimist, a believer. She has a stubborn streak, is opinionated and is learning to advocate for herself. She has been through more in nine years than a lot of people deal with in a lifetime. She has taught me how to smile, how to look for a way and a reason to laugh, how to dig deeper than I ever thought possible for a strength I never knew I had. She has shown me that at any given moment, all that really matters, is just that....THAT MOMENT.

It is a gift to be her momma, one I am forever grateful for.

Happy birthday, Mandy. I love you more than words can possibly express. Today you turned 9 and to paraphrase one of the best birthday wishes you got all day... I expect/ hope/ dream/ plan for at least 91 more.

Love to all~


Z said...

Happy birthday Mandy, and many, many happy returns.

Mariajo said...

Hope you have a great day Mandy!

Dan Cohen said...

Happy Birthday Princess Mandy. I wish you all the best. May all your wishes and dreams come true and may only good things come true. May you always have a reason to smile that beautiful smile of yours.
Happy Birthday.

Dan Cohen
North Miami Beach, FL

Dan Cohen said...

sorry... i meant to type may only good things come your way.