Monday, November 10, 2008

Why do we call them sleepovers when there is so little sleep?

A sonic boom has nothing on a roomful of 8 year old little girls. A sonic boom setting off every car alarm in a three county area has nothing on a roomful of 8 year old little girls. NOTHING!

I had five of em.

In my house.

At one time.

They were loud and giggling and squealing and screaming and just having an absolute blast! I am surprised we didn't get the cops called on us. I can just see that conversation....

"Ma'am, we have received numerous complaints about a raucous party here. Care to explain what's going on"

"Well, sir, my daughter is having a sleep over birthday party with five of her little 8 year old girlfriends."

"Ma'am, you are going to have to keep it down or I am going to have to haul you downtown."

"Ohhhhhhhh, score!!!!"

and then in my best feigned sad voice, "Ronnie, I just got arrested. Gotta run! Have fun with the slumber party and see ya tomorrow! Love ya! Bye!"

Sadly, no cops showed up to take me away. Though I am certain I could have heard them from county lock up(or is it lock down?) anyway. Seriously though, they had a ball. We had all the fixin's for your basic slumber party

There was pizza, followed by cake.

followed by present opening.

Then it was on to dancing. The girls warmed up with the Cha Cha slide.

This was followed up by an American Idol contest. Ronnie was Simon, Alannah was Paula and I was Randy. "Yo, yo, yo...wat up dawg? You worked that Hannah Montana joint OUT, man! That was HAWT!!"

There were some heartfelt ballads,

some rockin iCarly tunes.

It was then time for the full band to emerge, complete with back up singers, a lead singer and a lead guitar player. Lemme just say, my ears will never be the same.

Then it was time to tuck everyone in with the new Tinkerbell movie on and hope they fell asleep.

Everyone had a blast and it was so great to see Mandy just being a little girl, not an 8 year old brain tumor patient. The best part was, I got to see a whole lot of this dimple and this grin that make my heart sing.

I think the night can be deemed a success, except by Zachary.

"Why did you let her invite sooooooooo many little girls over here?"

Love to all~

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