Saturday, November 15, 2008

Heaven help me when he's 16

For purposes of this episode of As the 4th Grade Turns, the role of "Cute little girl in his class that Zachary has a crush on" shall be called Britney.

The scene: It is a cloudy, cool fall Florida afternoon. Momma is cleaning the deck. Zachary is playing outside.

Zachary: "Momma can I go call Britney?"

Momma: "Sure, buddy, go right ahead."

Zachary heads in to call Britney. Momma continues cleaning the deck. About 2 minutes pass and Zachary reemerges outside.

Zachary: "She wasn't home."

Momma: "So, buddy, have you told her you like her yet?"

Zachary: "No, not yet. But, I flirt with her everyday. I am going to wait until Valentines Day to tell her though. I am planning on giving her a note with some chocolates and maybe a cd of love songs. That always does well. Works like a charm and never fails."

Momma sighs and shakes her head and goes back to washing the deck.

Stay tuned for our next episode of As the 4th Grade Turns. Cue the credits and closing music.

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