Thursday, May 14, 2009

My girls...

Alannah is an amazing young woman. Truly. She makes me proud every single day.

Why just this week...

She was awarded Most Outstanding Freshman in her performing arts high school orchestra. 'Cause she has got the mad skillz on the viola. So proud of her, we are.

This week... one of her photographs of historic Ybor City was on exhibit at a city library. She wrote an amazing essay to go with it. 'Cause again...did I mention? She has some serious talent, that one. Yup, one proud momma, I am.

And then....this week.... she jumped into our little pool(that she has swam in roughly 9.3 bazillion times over the last 5 years), pushed off the wall and swam head first, at Michael Phelps speed into the opposing wall.

Her eyes were open, people. So she could see.

She had on goggles. So not only could she see, but, she could see clearly.

And yet?

She hit so hard that she darn near knocked herself out. She has a huge bruise, atop an even huger knot. She hit so hard that the hair was ripped out at the point of impact. She is 100% fine, mind you. Hence my freedom now to mock her, just a little. She was more than a little annoyed when I woke her up at 2AM and made her tell me her name and address and birthdate just to be certain there was no head injury.

Thankfully, there wasn't. Just the semi permanent tatoo of our pool surface on her forehead.

That's my girl...taking klutzy to a whole new level, one bruise at a time.

And that, boys and girls? Is why you are never, ever, never, ever, never, never allowed to swim by yourself. Got it?

Chemo went well this week. Mandy had a tough day after, with more tummy issues than she has had in a while and lots of fatigue. But, in true Mandy fashion she smiled and pushed her way through it.

It truly is a gift to be these three kids mom. I am blessed beyond measure.

Love to all~

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Dan said...

My heart is broken because Alannah hurt herself. I am glad that it was not serious. And I am praying that the pain is gone.

Re telling us that Alannah was awarded Most Outstanding Freshman in her performing arts high school orchestra and not posting a video of her playing is not fair. Will you please honor us with a video of her playing? please?

I am praying for Mandy for her tummy issues to be gone.

And I am praying for all of you as always.