Saturday, July 4, 2009

15 years ago....

Fifteen years ago, my dream came true. I became a momma. As Hallmark-y as it sounds, it was truly what I always wanted to be.

Fifteen years ago, right about now, I was "explaining" somewhat adamantly to a nurse that if she did not take me down to NICU soon to see my baby girl that I was going to walk my drugged behind down the hall, with said behind hanging out the back of my hospital gown for all the world to see. And given that I was, at that point, pretty medicated, the chances that I would fall in transit and sue and rename the hospital "Natalie's Exposed Hiney Memorial" were execeedingly high, she really needed to consider if she wanted to work in a hospital with that name on it.

She took me to NICU.

That moment, that day, when I looked at her through the glass, I made a million promises. Some I kept, some I tried to keep and failed and some, that involved ponies and castles and never letting her heart be broken ... well, some were just too grandiose to keep.

That said, you break her heart, and you will have to deal with me. I have already threatened to expose my hiney, fall and sue. You really wanna go up against me? I think not.

Alannah, thank you for showing me the ropes. Thank you for being such an amazing young woman. I wish I could take the credit for the beautiful person you are, inside and out, but I can't. You are a gift and a blessing and one I am certain I have never been worthy of. But, I promise to keep trying to be. And that's a promise that will go in the "KEPT" folder.

I love you. Happy 15th birthday!!!!

Love to all~


Tyra said...

Happy birthday to one of the three amazing Willis children! Lots of love to you all!

Dan Cohen said...

So that explains what those fireworks all over the nation are for.

Dear Alannah, I hope that you saw my message on your mom's facebook.

I wish you always lots of happiness. May all your wishes and dreams come true and may only good things come your way.

Happy Birthday

Dan Cohen
North Miami Beach, FL

Mum said...

Whoa I can so relate. My first born was born 5 days behind yours. Fifteen years ago today I made a mad dash to the Torphins Maternity Hospital in Scotland believing I was in full blown labour only to be turned away as it was "only" Braxton Hicks contractions (which incidentally hurt just as much as the real thing!).
On the 9th July my beautiful son was born and he too was promised the world. But not ponies and princessy-type things, twas more like dirt bikes and a jet ski.

Happy Birthday Alannah. 1994 produced an exceedingly fine crop indeed.