Monday, June 1, 2009


Mandy on the credit crisis

Alannah(trying to explain the concept of credit cards): "Mandy, you borrow the money from the credit card company and then have to give it back, plus even more money called interest."

Mandy: "Huh????"

Alannah: "Well, Mandy, you know what an I.O.U is?"

Mandy: "Vowels?"

Mandy on dining choices

Mandy: "Momma? When will there be another event with cotton candy?"

Me: "I don't know, baby. Maybe the carnival?"

Mandy: "I think everyone would be happier if there was ALWAYS cotton candy."

Mandy on differences

Mandy: "Momma, butterflies are are so pretty."

Me: "Yes, baby, they are."

Mandy: "If all the butterflies were exactly the same, I don't think they would be as pretty. Do you?"

Me: "No. No, baby, I don't think they would be as pretty at all."

Really, isn't the answer to most of the worlds problems somewhere in those three conversations?

Love to all~

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